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Location has quickly moved from the next hot thing into being accepted as an important aspect of the Web and, especially, the mobile Web. Its importance is growing even more, as mobile access is surpassing other forms of Web usage and many players adopt a mobile-first strategy. Location also plays a role in the form of the explicit or implicit location of resources, locations described in content, location of users, location APIs, or mobile apps, being also used in geospatial-aware data mining or large-scale analytics. It is thus a strong driver behind many recent innovations and research activities.

Following the previous LocWeb workshops in 2008, 2009, 2010, LocWeb 2014 solicits submissions under the main theme of location-aware information access as a cross-cutting issue in Web research and technology, with subtopics related to search, retrieval, analytics, mining, extraction, mobility, apps, services, and systems. A preference is given to work describing Web-mediated or Web-scale approaches. The workshop is designed to reflect the multitude of fields that demand and utilize location features and we encourage submissions that look at the topic of location on the Web from an interdisciplinary perspective, including new approaches dealing with or utilizing geospatial information.

The main objective of the workshop is to bring together a community of researchers at the intersection of location and the Web, serving as a unique venue to integrate different backgrounds and to stimulate the exchange of ideas and closer cooperation. LocWeb will provide a topic-specific venue where researchers from different fields, be it data mining, recommendation, search, systems, social media, applications, or standards, can discuss and develop the role of location.

Topics of Interest

  • Location-Aware Information Access
  • Geospatial Web Search
  • Location-Based Services
  • Geospatial Web Analytics
  • Geospatial Visual Analytics
  • Location-Aware Data Mining
  • Location-Aware Text Processing
  • Location-Based Entity Retrieval
  • Conflation, Merging, Integration
  • Location-Based Recommendation
  • Place Semantics
  • Lifecycle of Location Data
  • Modeling Location
  • Geo-Social Media and Systems
  • Location-Based Social Networks
  • Geo-Crowdsourcing
  • Map-Based Interfaces and Geospatial HCIR
  • Geospatial Awareness
  • Geospatial Applications
  • Mobile Search and Recommendation
  • Mobile Apps and Mobile Context
  • Mobility Data
  • Location-Aware Web-Scale Systems
  • Large Ecosystems
  • Location Standards

Submission Instructions

We solicit full papers of up to 8 pages and short papers of up to 4 pages describing work-in-progress or early results. Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research that is not being considered for publication in any other forum.

Workshop submissions will be evaluated based on the quality of the work, originality, match to the workshop themes, technical merit, and their potential to inspire interesting discussions. The review process is double blind.

Manuscripts should be formatted using the ACM camera-ready templates and submitted in PDF format at
Accepted workshop papers will also be published in the CIKM workshop proceedings, which will be printed on CD/USB only and indexed in the ACM Digital Library, together with the main CIKM 2014 proceedings.

Presenters are encouraged to bring Demos to the workshop to facilitate discussion.

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