The programme consists of 3 accepted papers, a keynote, a technical update, and a discussion session.

The proceedings are available as part of the WWW Companion:
LocWeb2016 Proceedings from the ACM Digital Library,
LocWeb2016 Proceedings from the WWW2016 Website.

14:00 – 15:30 Session 1

14:00 Opening [pdf] [Slides]

14:15 Context-Aware Friend Recommendation for Location Based Social Networks using Random Walk
Hakan Bagci (Middle East Technical University); Pinar Karagoz (Middle East Technical University)
[pdf] [Slides]

14:40 Maps for HTML
Peter Rushforth (Natural Resources Canada)
[pdf] [Slides]

15:05 Discovering and Characterizing Mobility Patterns in Urban Spaces: A Study of Manhattan Taxi Data
Lisette EspĂ­n-Noboa (GESIS); Florian Lemmerich (GESIS); Philipp Singer (GESIS); Markus Strohmaier (GESIS)
[pdf] [Slides]

15:30 – 16:00 Coffee

16:00 – 17:30 Session 2

16:00 Keynote: Luca Aiello (Yahoo Labs): The Sensorial Map of the City

Our daily urban experiences are the product of our perceptions and senses, yet the complete sensorial range is strikingly absent from urban studies. Sight has been historically privileged over the other senses and urban studies. However, smell and sound have also a huge influence over how we perceive places, they impact our be- havior, attitudes and health. Yet, city planning is concerned only with a few bad smells and with limiting noise levels. We propose a new way of capturing nuanced sensorial perceptions of cities from data implicitly generated by social media users and of producing detailed sensorial maps of our cities.

16:45 Keynote: Erik Wilde: GeoJSON Update

GeoJSON has been in use for several years now, despite of not being an “official standard”. Recent efforts within the IETF have let to a revised specification text that will soon be published as a proposed standard RFC. This talk briefly presents GeoJSON, the changes that the RFC revision incorporate, and talks about more ongoing work within the working group.

17:15 Discussion and open issues

17:30 Closing